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The Three Angels' Messages to Every Home
It is essential

The word and spirit of truth,
dwelling in our hearts,
will separate us from the world.

Testimonies for the Church, Volume 5, Page 537.2

Indwelling Word is an independent Seventh-Day Adventist ministry committed to teaching
the historic understanding of the Three Angels' Messages using Miller's Rules of prophetic interpretation.

By restoring our old landmarks we prepare the way for advancing  "the light which will enlighten the earth with it's glory".

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We Have a Message

We are told by the wise man to do with our might whatsoever our hands find to do. Ecclesiastes 9:10. As it is not likely that Solomon would counsel evil deeds, we may understand that whatsoever good things we find to do, those we should do with our might; and hence the common version of this passage is doubtless not far from correct, “Whatsoever thy hands find to do for the Lord, that do with thy might.”


To every believer in The Three Angels' Message, we need not say that we have found something to do; something to do for the Lord; something to do with our might. Not to speak of individuals who all have some part to act in this work, not to speak of churches who have an influence to exert, not to speak of preachers who go forth to

 perform the toilsome and self-denying part assigned to them, we come to Indwelling Word which also has its office to fill. 


We all rejoice that we have a special object before us; we are also glad that the Indwelling Word has a special work in which to engage. It would be hard to conceive of a more unpleasant position than to have no object or aim in view; to be laboring and yet know not to what end we were striving. There are some ministries today the object of which it is difficult to discover. They are not publishing any new truths; those which were long since brought out and are now to a great extent entertained among the people, while in many points they are positively behind the providence of God, behind the opening truths of his word. What can be the object of such ministries? With how much zeal and courage can their work be carried on?


In cheering contrast with this, yet with no invidious feeling, we look at home and see that those engaged in working for the Indwelling Word do it with the happy consciousness that it occupies no such aimless position. No, we have an object before us, a special work to do, a special message to proclaim. We have truths which we know are in advance of any yet apparent among any other people. When the Indwelling Word goes out, it goes with an object, it goes out to teach truths that are definite and distinct, truths which are to prepare men for the great crisis before us, ripening them for the harvest of the earth, truths upon which God has set his seal, truth which it is the only messenger in the land engaged in proclaiming. And when, brethren, you lend it your support, you may know that you are supporting a ministry which has a specific work before it, a work, too, which it is intently bent upon accomplishing.


Yes, we have a message, a soul-stirring, sanctifying, God-given message. This thought is enough to open in all our hearts an unfailing spring of hope, animation and courage. May the Indwelling Word ever be faithful in the proclamation of this message. May it, through the hearty co-operation of all its friends, and the blessing of God, accomplish its object and fulfill without lack or failure its glorious mission.

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Messages built off the foundations of our First 50 Years

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Trumpets Thumbnail .jpeg

March 19, 2022

This sermons presents the original historic position on the seven trumpets and was recorded at PHM in 2018.

World Wide Message 2.png

January 22, 2022

What is the message for this time? This is the second video of two on the same topic where we find the answer to this important question.

World Wide Messasge 1.png

January 5, 2021

What is the message God`s messengers have to declare for this time? This is the first sermon of two on the same topic where we find the answer to this important question.


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Brother Bill, I have really missed you when you left PHM and the Battle for the Third Temple series. Finally, someone is speaking the truth about the King of the North for the last days! Being the lone soldier in this understanding I believe if you get this wrong, you will be watching for events and signs of the times that will throw you off. I have been trying to contact you several ways that I can employ. I do not participate in Facebook, Tweeter, Face Chat ect. I wrote PHM for your contact info and received no reply. So, the Lord lead me to a search on the internet and behold, there you were. I receive huge blessings from your inspired messages and I can see the Lord Jesus is leading you in the work for the end times. Thank you and I look forward as your website grows and continue to produce sermons that blesses me during God's Sabbath Day.

Sincerely in Christ,

T. L.

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 SANFORD, NC, 27330, USA

+1 828 222 0898

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