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One World-Wide Message by W.W. Prescott

What is the message for this time? Is there a connection between the messages of the past, the present and the final message of making and end to sin and bloting it out? "Let us make as clear as possible what God’s definite purpose for His work is now, that we may all unitedly cooperate with God’s purpose for this time, that there may be just as much the one voice that shall speak the one message. “Prepare ye the way of the Lord: make straight in the desert a highway for our God,” as was heard when the one man, John the Baptist, went forth with his message. Thus we shall not have a message of one sort on this coast, and a message of another sort on the other coast, and a message of some other sort in some other country. There will be one world-wide message, with only one voice, ever preaching salvation from sin through faith in God’s provision,—a complete deliverance from sin, the blotting out of sin, and the salvation of God fully revealed." {GCB April 2, 1903, p. 54.10}


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