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Left Without a Mediator by Ellen G. White

In Early Writings, we find a sobering parallel between the Jews that rejected the message of John the Baptist and the churches that rejected the First Angel´s Message in 1843. The parallel further develops that those who rejected the message of John the Baptist could not discern the coming of the Messiah; just as those who rejected the First Angel´s Message could not accept the Second Angel´s Message in 1844. The rending of the veil at the crucifiction of Christ marked the end of the mosaic dispensation. "The heavenly sanctuary had taken the place of the earthly, yet they had no knowledge of the change. Therefore they could not be benefited by the mediation of Christ in the holy place."Likewise those who rejected the First and Second Angel`s Messages at their initial proclamation could not enter into the Most Holy place with Christ through the Third

Angel´s Message: "I saw that as the Jews crucified Jesus, so the nominal churches had crucified these messages, and therefore they have no knowledge of the way into the most holy, and they cannot be benefited by the intercession of Jesus there. Like the Jews, who offered their useless sacrifices, they offer up their useless prayers to the apartment which Jesus has left; and Satan, pleased with the deception, assumes a religious character, and leads the minds of these professed Christians to himself". Today when the original Three Advent Messages are being proclaimed again many people are making their decisions. Will Adventism repeat the history of rejection or not?


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